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For a world in which any person can realise their full potential, regardless of their draw in the lottery of life

What we do

We enable high-potential under-resourced students in Kenya and Ethiopia realise their full potential in the globalised economy through our coding bootcamp scholarship where they learn the most sought-after digital skills on the market.

Developer shortage

  • The US Buereau of Labor Statistics projects a software engineer shortage exceeding 1.2 million by 2026

  • The shortage of IT professionals in Europe amounts to half a million

  • 38% of companies in Europe plan to oursource more in the next 2 years

Where traditional charities fail

  • Transparency - who received my donation? What was it used for?

  • Feedback - what difference did my donation make? How is it transforming someone's life?

  • Efficiency - charities often spend 25% of their revenue on administrative overhead and marketing

Our programme

We work with leading software development educators and universities to identify high-potential students and design a cost-effective and scalable coding bootcamp

  • Inclusive - our scholarship ensures that all students have the means to participate

  • Demanding - our rigorous programme is short but extremely demanding

  • Evidence based - combining research and best-practice from world-leading coding bootcamps

Why donate?

  • Transformative impact: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

  • Direct donations: 100% of the money you donate to the scholarship pool goes to the student

  • Donor’s token: any digital wallet containing the donor’s token can access the students’ progress page of the cohort they are supporting

  • Digital art: donors receive digital collectibles, each with a story created by our students

  • Donor’s dinner: invitation to an annual "DirectEd donor's dinner" in Oxford.

  • Scholarship naming right: the naming right of each scholarship cohort can be purchased. For example the "Simon Sällström Scholars"

Step-By-Step Process

1. Onboarding

We partner with leading high schools and onboard teachers and students onto Atala PRISM self-sovereign identity wallets and Cardano wallets. Teachers are taught how to issue verifiable credentials to students.

2. Scholarship pools

We setup a smart contract scholarship pool. Each pool gathers funds for a particular high school and coding bootcamp. The smart contract defines the milestones the students need to reach to receieve the scholarship payouts.

3. Bootcamp

After a merit-based selection process students enroll in a 10-week bootcamp. The bootcamp covers the most sought-after skills as identified by our employer surveys. The bootcamp utilizes project-based learning where the milestones are divided into 2-week sprints.

4. Graduate Programme

Upon successfully completing our coding bootcamp, we continue to support our scholars through a graduate scholarship.
This has two pathways:

  • Entry into a longer full-time coding bootcamp

  • Internship project with our partner companies

5. Employment

When our students are employed as remote software engineers, part of their salary goes back into the pool, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of funding for future scholars.

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